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—Los Santos (voices mix)

Sister’s work.

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Some normal and not normal Snapmatic photos.

Next-gen GTAV.

Rockstar Games.

All, again!Oh my Rockstar, I really can&#8217;t wait to buy a PS4 only for this!

Can&#8217;t believe it&#8217;s almost a year ago..

All, again!
Oh my Rockstar, I really can’t wait to buy a PS4 only for this!

Can’t believe it’s almost a year ago..

Trevor and Michael (GTAV)

—SEX audio TAPE

Fun with Trev and Mikey audio, you have to listen this and wtf and then laugh.

Made by my 12 years old sister. (man, she’s crazy, right?)


—Debra is a .......

Sister’s GTAV remix.

Trevor, Betty 32 and Mr.Jam.

Trevor, Betty 32 and Mr.Jam.

Finally after a long time I have finished these, “shut the fuck up and take my money" versions with Trevor and his mother, Michael, Franklin.